Redwood Training exists to empower young aspiring instrumentalist and vocalist by supplying needed resources and services; helping them thrive in the art of Music.



Students in top quality instrumental programs scored 33% higher in Mathematics than students in a deficient program



Students in top quality instrumental programs scored 32% higher in English than students in a deficient program



95 percent of Americans consider music to be part of a well-rounded education

(Strait, D.L. and N. Kraus, Biological impact of auditory expertise across the life span: musicians as a model of auditory learning. Hearing Research, 2013.)


"I'm very satisfied with the classes!" I have noticed that, Roslyn is more confident to give eye contact, She engages and participates in activities at school, church and other organizations." She communicates better with others, not appearing as shy as before! The instructor was amazingly patient with her and brought out some hidden strengths." "The staff was very accommodating, pleasant, professional and flexible to change when it was requested." " I'm pleased at Roslyn's improvement!"

Patricia Whitley

"I Love singing and I Love Redwood!"

Roslyn Whitley

"The first day I walked in the door, it was surprisingly excellent, was not what I expected! It had a professional atmosphere, comfortable, staff was very astute, warm and inviting! I was impressed with the initial greeting from the staff." The instructor was patient with me and didn't appear to rush our training sessions along, to get rid of me and out the door!"

Janice Oler

"I really enjoy learning piano. I wish all my friends could come to Redwood"

Hezekiah Howze

"The Redwood Program is essential!!!! The instructor takes the student from basics to advanced." I was impressed that the instructor works with the student where they are musically. The instructor gradually walked Hezekiah through stages and allows him room to progress! The Program is really helpful and I would recommend it to others."

Donyelle Willis

"I'm a vocalist, my piano instructor helped me become more familiar with the keyboard fundamentals in association with various keys and scales to assist my vocal abilities." It was awesome learning through vocal visualization with my vocal, she taught me how to use higher ranges, and when to use vocal cadence techniques while singing." "I have noticed a great improvement in my vocals!"

Olivia J. Hall

"It was great fun! The experience was excellent, I would recommend it to others!" " I loved the patience and attention that the instructor had with Kennedy at each session!"

Kim Catron

"Staff was helpful, pleasant, and very professional. On a scale of 1-10, I would rate the Redwood as a #10. It was very useful and helpful!"

Hellen Carter

"Overall, I was very satisfied with Redwood, and everyone was so professional, very pleased with the program. Because of the seeds Redwood implanted into Gabriel, he has developed into quite the confident artist!" "Redwood's program instilled an assurance of confidence in his vocals that encouraged him to launch a social media page, spotlighting his singing. The instructor poured into him and pulled out some great things, in addition, I felt he may have also needed more one on one from an male's perspective as well. Gabriel was selected to sing during the Tennessee #5 Convocation (P.U.R.I.T.Y.) Spotlight hour!" He was Awesome! Thanks Redwood"!

Andria Tunstall


Coaching students in a very practical way introducing basic Music Theory. Music Theory will build your fundamental elements such as pitch, rhythm, harmony, and form. Vocal and Instrumental coaches are available. Let our coaches help you take your skill to the next level.


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